Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guilty Pleasure! 3/28/12

Today yet another semi-regular feature makes its grand debut, and it's one that will showcase all of the things that I secretly like but never used to advertise due to fear of ridicule. At this point in my life, I'm 32 years old, and I no longer care what others think concerning my taste in things, as I'm not looking to impress anyone. So, with that said, today's guilty pleasure is a one hit wonder song from the '80s:

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On

This song features 1/4 of the band Abba. (Yes, I like Abba. And I'm not gay. I like them because their brand of pop perfection is very enjoyable. It's made well, produced well, and the girls are talented singers with hot bods). I had heard this song a few times over the years and thought of it as your typical pop/dance one-hit wonder. It was about a year ago I discovered that not only was it a solo song performed by Frida from Abba but it ALSO featured Phil Collins on drums, back-up vocals, and production. When I listened to it again after learning this I wanted to smack myself in the head and say "duh, of course!"

It has all the hallmarks of a Collins production (the pounding drums, the dark atmosphere, etc.) and once I heard his voice in the chorus it was unmistakable. This is a song that I will frequently bust out on the drums to warm up, as it is so much fun to play. And speaking of Phil Collins, he may be the subject of an upcoming "Guilty Pleasure" feature as he gets a lot of shit heaped on him, but I love his stuff. I also love good, catchy, '80s pop songs with hooks, and this song is a good example.

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  1. Not the worst guilty pleasure I've come across. And Phil Collins definitely has his moments, that's for sure.