Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tonight's Slab: AeroNuge?

Tonight's slab is the sole release by a hard rock/AOR duo from the early '80s that went by the handle of Whitford/Saint Holmes. First, some background...

Brad Whitford, rhythm guitarist for Aerosmith, left the band in 1981 just 2 years (and a lackluster album) after the departure of lead guitarist Joe Perry. Looking for a new gig, he hooked up with vocalist Derek St. Holmes, late of the Ted Nugent band. Derek was the lead singer on the first couple records Ted recorded following the demise of his group the Amboy Dukes, belting out such classics as "Stranglehold," "Hey Baby," and "Just What the Doctor Ordered."

I picked this up at a record show I went to last month for a buck, and I would say I got my money's worth and then some. The songs are catchy and rockin' with a kind-of Sammy Hagar vibe. Not overly memorable, but fun, and featuring a talented singer and guitarist. It didn't surpass either Aersomith or the Nuge but it is definitely a worthwhile part of their respective catalogs.

By 1985 Whitford was back with a fully reunited Aerosmith, who soldier on to this day. I even heard their singer, Steven Tyler, is on some tv show now. I don't watch it. St. Holmes languished in obscurity while occasionally reuniting with Ted Nugent.

Crank this up while cruising down to the local DQ in your Trans Am...

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