Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guilty Pleasures! (Easter edition)

On your average weekend morning I usually turn on VH1 Classic after I wake up for background music as I have coffee, go online, etc. They usually have long blocks of old videos, with different themes, and today's was "Totally '80s."After that was over they aired a show called "One Hit Wonders: Prom Edition." To summarize, I was exposed to a great deal of '80s and early '90s songs. A lot of them could be considered by some to be poppy, banal, and overall lacking in artistic quality, but there were three that I really liked despite these possible criticisms.

Here are the videos I saw for songs I liked the most, and would consider "guilty pleasures." In no particular order, here goes...

 Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait

I had heard this song many times over the years but never knew who sang it. Apparently they're some husband and wife duo, with the wife having been compared to Madonna in terms of vocals by some. I love that synth-heavy melody, it's one that can get stuck in your head if you're not careful. Oops, there I go again...oh yeah, nice name haha.

Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling (from the motion picture soundtrack to the film "Hiding Out," starring Jon Cryer)

Wait, so there was a band called "Pretty Poison," around the same time that the hair metal band poison was breaking big? Interesting. I had never heard this song, or heard of the movie it's attached to, but I found myself digging it. For some reason I'm also finding the singer of this very attractive...I will always have a soft spot for the '80s ladies. I kinda wanna see this "Hiding Out" movie, it features Jon Cryer playing a stockbroker who has to pose as a high schooler to hide out from the mob. Sounds like your typical '80s movie plot right?

The Sundays - Here's Where the Story Ends

Another song I had heard numerous times over the years but knew nothing about who sang it, this is a classic example of that era's alternative/indie/dream pop sound. When I hear this I'm reminded of both the Cranberries and the Smiths. Lovely song, lovely singer, this brings back memories of childhood and simpler days gone by.

So these are my latest guilty pleasures as far as music always, don't judge!

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  1. I'm curious to see Hiding Out now as well. It sounds so awful that it might be a great addition to the VHS collection someday.