Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Valley of the Strange - Str(angel)

Thanks to another blog I check out regularly, Armagideon Time, I was turned onto some strangeness; '70s hard rock/prog rockers Angel. Discovered by KISS bassist Gene Simmons and signed to their record label Casablanca, they had a look that bordered on the androgynous and a sound, described by a friend of Armagideon blogger Andrew, “like someone ate every '70s band and can’t stop farting.”

As much as I dig on '70s and '80s hard rock/prog rock that borders on the cheesy (*ahem* Asia) I don't know if I can take this seriously.



  1. Holy god that was awful. they aren't the crux of 60's and 70's rock farted out. This is the diarrhea of classic rock. did ANYONE ever take this band seriously? Other than Kiss that is?

    Interesting side-note...
    I dunno if you remember me ever listening to that band Pentagram or not (they sound a lot like Sabbath). Anyway, I was reading a thing about them not too long ago and apparently they had an open audition with the Kiss guys. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons offered to buy their entire catalogue of songs, but had no interest in signing them. They just wanted the songs. Pentagram says fuck you, and they stayed indie up til now.

  2. I can't believe I never heard of these dudes til now...I will now measure my time on earth as "Before Angel" and "After Angel.

    On That Metal Show last week they mentioned some documentary on Pentagram. It's about how some fan tracked down the leader of the group and he was living in his parents basement and strung out on heroin. Have you heard anything about it?

  3. Haha, yeah man. The story of Bobby Liebling, vocalist of Pentagram, is a hilarious one. You just gave me the topic for my next blog. You will learn all you need to learn there.

    But yeah, he's battled crack addiction for years. Probably heroin, too.

    Pentagram is a great band, though. I'll be sure to post some choice jams.