Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May's theme - IRON "MAY"-DEN #1

I've been planning this theme month since the week I started this blog, so I'm very excited that May is finally here. Iron Maiden are not just one of my favorite bands of the metal genre...they're also easily in my top 10 bands EVER. At times I don't even think of them as metal, as I feel that label stifles their amazing abilities and variety of sounds. They are at times metal, at times prog, at times virtuosic punk...I really dig everything they did primarily from 1980-1993.

I especially dig on the early stuff...those first 2 albums with original singer Paul Di'Anno totally ROCK. They have such a raw, primal energy. That band came screaming out of the gate on those first 2 albums, and when Bruce Dickinson became their singer in 1982 they didn't lose any momentum...they took it to the next level, and started trading in the punk-on-the-street lyrics for dungeons & dragons style imagery. And they pulled it off very successfully.

I will try and post at least a video a day by them, starting out from the very earliest stuff all the way to...well, we'll see how recently I get. Will infamous third singer Blaze Bayley make an appearance? He might...he just might.

For now, here's some really old footage of the first song from their first LP, a number entitled "Prowler." CRANK IT!

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  1. Excellent theme for May, I'll be looking forward to it.

    I'm a huge fan of those first two albums. 9 times out of 10, if i'm in the mood for Maiden its a Di'Anno album I choose.

    I've got Number of the Beast and Somewhere In Time on vinyl. The bass on SIT sounds amazing.