Basement Party 2

Basement Party 2

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Motor City Comic Con!!

I had an awesome time at the Motor City Comic Con yesterday, with my good friends Ben, John, and Julia. What a blast! I got to meet Peter Tork from the Monkees, and he couldn't have been nicer. I also got to speak with one of my favorite alt comics creators, Peter Bagge. My buddy John told him how I turned him on to his work, and I mentioned how I turned others on to him also (I'm talking about you, Vintage Warrior!)...Peter then called me "the pied piper of Michigan." Now that's high praise! I found a few sweet items, like some Superman comics and Mad Magazines, all from the '70s. Check out the pics below, featuring just a fraction of the costumes we saw.

Ben with his fellow cosmic forces Galactus and Phoneix. John and Ben saw Galactus trying to enter the con and he couldn't get through the door, so he had to take his helmet off.

Stormtrooper and John

Darth Vader and myself. Darth wore a device that did the heavy breathing sound.

Me, John, and Ben in front of the A-Team van. We theorized that Mr. T was asleep in there and would eventually wake up not knowing where he was.

The Monkee mobile!

John vs. Wolverine...only one of them walked away!

John with Shredder
Here's the proof I met Peter Tork...

Ghostbuster, sexy Robin, and Slimer. Somewhere behind them is Billy Dee Williams' table
John and Ben with a Road Warrior

I can't wait for the next one! Sometimes you just have to go to a gathering of your people, ya know? It's fun knowing I'm not the only geek in the world...


  1. I remember meeting Peter Bagge on MySpace, and at first not believing it was him until he "proved" it to me. I bought all the HATE! Annuals off him direct, and got them all signed. That's cool that you got to meet him in person, that's awesome!

    Was that a Monkees vinyl you got Tork to sign?

    1. Peter Bagge was cool as hell, me and John wished we could have sat and talked to him all day. I bought issue #2 of "Reset" from him, and he made change straight out of his wallet. No middle man!

      I had Peter Tork sign a copy of their first album, "The Monkees."

  2. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I asked Peter Bagge about his next project and he said it was an illustrated history of Margaret Sanger. I asked about the next Hate annual and he said it would be after that and that he was thinking of bringing Hate back as a regular series. HOLY SHIT AWESOME!